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  1. Sorry if I sound too oppressive and impatient but I am wondering if you are making progress on the fixing of this feature? 😊
  2. Thanks for your qui k answer. I'm looking forward to receiving the new build with this feature activated
  3. Yeah, I've been there too… That's too bad since I buy FMRTE exclusively for this option.
  4. Apparently, there is the same problem in the new FMRTE 19 ... 😅
  5. What bugs/issues did you encounter: What is your FM version: FM 19 What is your FMRTE version: 19 Which operating system are you using: Windows 10 Hi ! Thank you for the quick release of FMRTE 19 guys! However, I am encountering the same problem I had last year. Actually, I always download FMRTE to modify the hair styles and skin colors of the players for them to be more accurate. Otherwise, it puts me on edge ^^. Anyway, when I try to modify the hair style of players in FMRTE it does not go well on the match engine. Even when I load my game in fmrte and I look for a player, the skin color and the hair style are completely wrong. For example, when I look for Mohamed Diamé from Newcastle, FMRTE says he is white with blond hair... And when I modify things to put the accurate skin color and hair cut of the players: all the players I modify become bald in the match engine... I had the same problem last year and you succeeded in modifying it, can you do that again please? Attachments:
  6. Dear BraCa, Thank you for your answer and thank you for your work! I have tested with the new version of FMRTE and it's working perfectly now! Thank you so much, you are wonderful!
  7. I have the same problems here... Players that are bald in the game although they are not in real (ex: Moutinho from Monaco). So, I decided to try and change haircut in FMRTE, but it does not change anything in the amtch engine... Those wrong haircuts are a pain in the ass in my opinion... :-(
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