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  1. Only a year late but here's a screen shot of what I was talking about... I would like to have this function in iFMRTE to be able to change a transfer proposal after it has been made
  2. Would love the ability to change a transfer value for a player after it has been agreed. (Not the future transfers feature that already exists) The extra tab you get when you open a players details after a transfer has been agreed. 🤗
  3. Great news, thanks for all your hard work.
  4. I'd second that, I often chop and change between PC and Mac but have been more prevalent on the Mac for the last 2 years - I would love to see iFMRTE take steps to get a little closer to the PC version - I love that on the PC you can change a sold players value after accepting an offer for them and that's what they are sold for and each year I'm left disappointed that this feature isn't in iFMRTE - I have requested this as a feature before for iFMRTE but it always gets confused with the future transfers feature which is completely separate.
  5. I am having the same issue, DoF does not appear in the staff tab for iFMRTE. You can however just search for your DoF by name and he/she will appear in the search.
  6. GorgieB

    FMRTE 2014

    As a massive Hearts fan starting a game as my favourite club has never been so demanding, no pennies and 15 points adrift with a transfer embargo. It was a proud day when we avoided relegation by the skin of our teeth, can't wait for FMRTE so as and when I start a new game I can do it all again but with a little help
  7. GorgieB

    FMRTE 2014

    I personally cannot wait for the new FMRTE and rediscovering all of its functions all over again. BraCa you make my heart sing, we salute you.
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