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  1. Penza06

    iFMRTE 19 for Mac Os

    fmrte doesn't work with fm touch?
  2. Penza06

    FMRTE 19- new features- and tips to share

    can you mass edit disliked club, favourite club, favourite manager etc
  3. Penza06

    anyone found good exploit in fmrte for fm19?

    yes I know FMRTE is the best exploit but in fm 08 and fm 09 you could put positioning 29 then in later fm's i always edited stats to 25 and it seemed to work 'better' than 20 but now since fm 18 and fm 19 nothing is really 'powerful' apart from yes editing fitness level of each player but i was thinking of something more plug and play!
  4. hi, is the above possible? i would love to set that my whole team has the team and me as favourite personel/club
  5. Penza06

    Superman Cheat In FM17

    yeah it doesn't seem to work anymore... i used to use 25 in free kicks for fm17 and now it won't work anymore, anyone got good tips?
  6. hi all, did anyone find a way to create a super player in fm18 as editing personal attributes doesnt really make the player over perform? Thanks
  7. Penza06

    FMRTE 18 for Windows

    where is the club filter in freeze manager? Thanks!
  8. hello Braca, would you be able to implement freeze settings for clubs i.e. reputation, tactical familiary, training ect thanks!
  9. hi, can you please implement a feature that when you press it the whole squad is in harmony (i dont mean morale but in the data analytics, you can see how far players are gelling together) thanks
  10. Penza06

    iFMRTE 18 for Mac OS

    hi braca, can you please fix freezing as its not working on mac. thanks a lot.
  11. Penza06

    Freezing is not working

    yes same here, also how to set that 'players can grow' when frozen? thanks!

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