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  1. I never get notifications despite setting them up
  2. outdated for FM touch currently
  3. Are there any ways to force a team to want your player on loan? etc
  4. how do I stop updates again? Another FMT update and dont want to be unable to use this
  5. Fully updated but not currently working on Touch version
  6. Anyway to change them? Specifically Ligue 1?
  7. Sorted it, I edited the wrong thing like a pleb
  8. Edited my chairman to 1, but he still wont sell
  9. Either go into their profile, click the legend profile, save or you can create a preset in the preset manager, select all the staff you want to change, right click, presets then the legend one
  10. No way to create loan deals? Even by editing future transfers or something? Been hoping for something like this for ages, would be handy for sending out my players on loan for game time when nobody is interested
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