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  1. What bugs/issues did you encounter: What is your FM version: 19.2.2-1184534 What is your FMRTE version: 19 Which operating system are you using: Windows 10 When I search for a nation I can't find it. I searched for the Republic of Ireland and put in both Ireland and Republic and only clubs populated the list. I got the error report as I clicked on an irish player and then clicked on ireland and the error came up. I also have an issue where certain players don't populate when you go to look at a team for example I have David Luiz on loan at Betis on my save but when I load up the team he is not there and when I search his name he does not appear. The only somewhat sighting of him is in transfer center where he showed up as moreinha moriea. I knew it was him due to the nature of the transfer and the club. Attachments: error.log
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    How do you load a shortlist succesfully onto FMRTE? As everytime i try to I get a message saying Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.
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