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  1. jp1981

    Search fIlter

    I am unable to see the search button in the search filter. Could you add a scroll bar so I can scroll down to the search and cancel button please. Alternatively am I able to shrink the search screen? Thanks
  2. Thanks. I will ask them see if they can add a scroll bar.
  3. Thanks. Please see below (hopefully you can see this):
  4. Could someone let me know how I can adjust the size of the search screen please, as on mine I am unable to see the search button.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the update, However, when I press the update button I get the following error. Could you let me know how to fix this please: Error trying to save file: Error downloading "http://www.fmrte.com/updates/fmrte20/wyfmrte19.wys": The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. Thanks
  6. jp1981

    FMRTE 19 for Windows

    Hi, just wondering if anyone else is having an issue with the search box following the latest windows version update? I am typing in the box but when I press enter to search, nothing happens. Thanks Sorry, scrap that, it is working now.
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