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  1. jorkoo005

    FMRTE Mobile

    Oh, my bad, I forgot adding that to the list above! So.. no, it doesn't work. I even rebooted my laptop and used another internet connection and restarted the FMRTE app, nothing works.. it's really annoying.
  2. jorkoo005

    FMRTE Mobile

    This is what it says
  3. jorkoo005

    FMRTE Mobile

    I followed all the steps in the FAQ and those on other sites. My IP-address is right (I guess, I used the address of my computer). I added FMRTE in my Firewall and I added the gate in the Firewall, but I have still connection problems. FMRTE on my desktop says "Mobile service: Not Running". My cellphone is a Samsung Galaxy S4. And yes, I am on the same internet connection. And yes, FMRTE is loaded on my pc. I have also a full license. Can somebody help me out please? It would be awesome! Thanks!
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