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  1. This is the problem: when I try to search a referee to change the attributes, i find only the id of the referee and does not allow me to change anything.
  2. Hi, i'm Fabio from Piacenza, Italy. I tried to change the attributes of referees (ORSATO, ROCCHI ecc ecc) but FMRTE does't work. Is it a bug?
  3. Hi, i'am Fabio and i live in Piacenza, Italy. I use FMRTE from the version 12... With this version 18.1.3 the FMRTE editor does not find the officials...With the version 18.1.2 everything worked properly. Can you repair this bug? THANKS... Fabio
  4. I have purchased the new FMRTE 2018 today. I'll be very happy if BRACA insert the possibility to chance REFEREE ATTRIBUTES (allowing flow, discipline ecc ecc). In FM 2016 this feature was very very good.
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