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  1. Options to: Change competition reputations Mass edit to work - couldn't change potential of players on last iFMRTE on mass edit. Also you couldn't use it on Staff or Clubs properly at all. Can't even distinguish between leagues on the mass editor due to them all being given the same name. To be able to add and remove sponsors. I agree with the above comments on contracts and future transfers above. No doubt i'll end up thinking of more but that's all that comes to mind at the moment. Cheers
  2. Hi there, I have been a member of the FMRTE community for 6 years now. For me in that time I have always used the Mac version - though sometimes managed to get the Windows onto a computer I had which could barely cope with FM - and I have never not been disappointed by the difference in quality of the two products. FMRTE has so many more editable options but not only that the options the two share seem to work better on the Windows version. As I have paid my licenses, I felt it was time I had just put forward my view on this, even though the version I use has less to offer, I will
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