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    FMRTE 17 for Windows

    Is there a preset+hotkey tutorial anywhere that I can watch or read? I want to create a hotkey that heals, inspires and removes bans from all players contracted to my club. I've managed to set up a preset that works when I right click on the club in search and then I go Presets - FMRTE- Apply New Preset , but I can't seem to get the hotkey to work with my New Preset. Any ideas how I can sort it out? EDIT: I can't seem to find the attribute "Contract Number Of Unhappiness Motives" in the Preset Manager. I can also not find "Morale Nation" in the drop-down menu for attributes. This means that my preset that I've created, doesn't have the same effect as clicking on inspire, heal and remove bans for each individual team (1st team, U23 and U18) at my club.
  2. I've requested it before, but I'd really like to see a "super"-button, that heals, motivates/inspires and removes bans from all players contracted to your club. It would help reduce the amount of mouse clicks immensely.
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