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  1. Folder? No. But the I've tried, unsuccesfully to remove them within the "Freezer Manager" - doesnt seem like the "Remove Player" works either..... But in any case, random players should'nt appear, right? Hopefully something you will look into. PS. "Highlight Important Attributes" within FMRTE isn't updated with new roles for FM19.
  2. What bugs/issues did you encounter: What is your FM version: Football Manager 19 What is your FMRTE version: 19 Which operating system are you using: Windows 10 I've come to notice that FMRTE freezes random players in my savegame on Football Manager Touch 2019. I play with a team in Wales and only freeze my own players. But when I open the "FMRTE Freezer Manager" I notice random players from Austria, Italy etc, have been frozen??? Attachments:
  3. So on the front page, there's a preview of what FMRTE 17 will offer. One of the things that intrigued me into getting FMRTE for FM17 is this: Edit Competitions Did you ever wanted to give your team some extra points? With FMRTE you can edit competitions standings, colours, and reputation. ...So does this mean you can give your team more points in the league or? Otherwise please clarify
  4. I do not get crashes with "12749" ...And while playing matches, the green health bars are more lighter green and longer. Players stay at "100%" throughout the match - most of the time. Some people might say you can go higher than "12749" - and you might be able to do that. However I would'nt suggest higher than 15000-16000, as the game isnt supposed to have players running around with 150% or more fitness. And might crash your game. This is a neat little trick that I like to use, instead of tweaking all the attributes. Makes my average players in the lower leagues into great players. And on the plus side, I can in my tactics ask more of them, as an example I like to set; - Higher Tempo (Make them run around faster and push a little harder for the ball) - Closing Down More (Fight a little harder to win the ball back) - Get Stuck In (Only in certain matches like CUPs against tougher opponents) Even with these extra demands of my players, they still finish the game with 95% condition.
  5. Anyone tested if the Superhuman/Fitness cheat still works? *Quoting Henke25* " 12749 in Condition/Fitness. On all players using preset mode manager. Just modify the heal button in preset manager. "
  6. GoBLiN ...Are you able to answer, whether or not the FMRTE functionality in 'Touch Mode' is here to stay, or if it is a bug?
  7. You have to run FMRTE with Administrator priviliges in order for it to have permissions to fully function with FM.
  8. I always have two games running. One classic and one full. And if Braca introduces edit & save in FMC support it would be awesome. I mean if it stays there, as it is in there now. :D
  9. Hey Braca. Thanks for another great save game editor for FM. Now here is why I am writing... FMRTE DOES seem to work on FMC games... Intentionally? Since you say it doesnt? Is this a bug, is this a preview of coming attractions for FMRTE??? Please enlighten me. :) //Martin
  10. Thank you for the answers GoBLiN ... Much appriciated. And glad to have been of assistance, I'll gladly help where I can.
  11. So I was just wondering, BraCa if you have had time to reflect on my previous questions, regarding the subjects in "Finance" section. - Average Match Ticket Price - Average Season Ticket Price Do changing them change anything withing FM? If not, is it possible to make it so? Same question regarding "Max Wage (aprox.) Thank you. - Martin
  12. It is all well and good, and fair, that something has become a "pain in the backside" But making the game unplayable is simply far reaching - as FMRTE has nothing to do with FM being playable. And saying it has gone beyond a joke, and is a waste of time, does not help BraCa whatsoever. If you want to stop using FMRTE, then that is your perogative sir. You can start making your own, and see how easy it is, or you can be patient, announce bugs as best as you can, so that BraCa can work on it, and patch/update FMRTE for us. Undermining BraCa's work is not going to help FMRTE become any better faster.
  13. BraCa ... Not sure if it works, but the "Set Maximum Wage" .. In club finances, do you know if this works, is intended to work, or if you can implement it to work? Oh, and same question about Club attendance ticket prizes. Thanks...
  14. If BraCa makes one free version, everyone will want a free version. Then when SI updates FM14, they'll want another free version - and the cycle never ends. BraCa works hard with this software, it is only fair we support his work, so he can continue to do it.
  15. I have updated to latest version. But I am having issues with editing contracts for players that have an exisiting "non-contract" Can edit wages, but not contract type nor when it ends. FMRTE does not want to save those changes.
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