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  1. I also found this, but found it was down not not excluding injuries from freezer settings, Once i excluded it then it started working as i wanted it to.
  2. EckoR1

    Player Clauses

    When i click on Player clauses i get a message asking me to send the error log in. FMRTE 20, build 26. error.log
  3. When playing with a Sweeper Keeper, first touch attribute is important, however in FMRTE, the attribute does not show on goalkeepers to be edited. Can this be changed? What is your FM version:FM 19.2.2 - 1184534 m.3 v1922 What is your FMRTE version: 19.2.2 Are you Beta testing for S.I.- No Are you running FMRTE as administrator- YES
  4. Braca has said update will be this weekend.
  5. No you cant..... Braca has said update this weekend.
  6. Braca will update as soon as he can, to prevent this happening again i would suggest you read the forum post on preventing auto updates. Genie Scout is a different application by a different developer and therefore not for discussion here.
  7. The other option if he is in your club is to extend his contract length, then it won't expire and you can control if you sell him or not.
  8. You need to have setup more than one tactic in the game. Then if you click on the first team, then choose match preparation down the left hand side, you will see you have the option to edit up to three tactics.
  9. Have you purchased a license?
  10. Your game has updated, you will need to wait for the next version of FMRTE. Please read the posts on the forum about how to prevent this in the future.
  11. I don't think there is a way to search for unhappy players specifically, the way i do it is use some basic search functions like minimum PA that i would accept into my team, run a large search that way, then sort them by Inf column to show all of the unhappy players together. Not ideal, but it is a work around.
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