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  1. BraCa, As you are unable to find a work around, and don't seem to be replying to any of the questions on this thread - other than pointing us to an inadequate blanket initial responce - can i assume you will be issuing refunds to all the mac users that have paid for this and are now unable to use it? Thanks, Andy
  2. The ability to change all contract details would be good. Including clauses and bonuses. Thanks, looking forward to this years release.
  3. Any news on the contract screen functionality? Still not improved or an update. Thanks Andy
  4. Thanks for the speedy update. Any news on getting more functionality on the contracts screen? or a reply? Andy
  5. Any chance of getting the Bonuses/Clauses working in the next version too? Andy
  6. In the next version, would it be possible to be able to change the contract clauses and values. You could do this in previous versions but don't seem to be able to with FMRTE 18. I understand the mac version dent have all the features of the windows version, but it would be nice to have all the features we do have, working. Thanks.
  7. Andy1233


    I think you need to look up the word 'Compunction'. Unless you are of the opinion that iFMRTE is bad or evil in some way!?
  8. Andy1233

    iFMRTE 2015 Update

    I'm really sorry guys, i respect what you do and realise that this isn't a career, but you can't charge the same for mac as you do for PC, you just don't offer the same service. i love the work but you must accept you must be fair to your users. much love.
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