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  1. Hello there and thx for the good work Braca. I have a problem when trying to load an ingame shortlist. I search for players, I save them to a shortlist and then when trying to load that shortlist to fmrte i get an error message. Any solution?
  2. Hello there and thanks for your great job! Any possibility to make fmrte compatible with the demo?
  3. I use fmrte mostly as a scouting tool, that's why i need the ask value. I try to keep things realistic ingame, although sometimes i do some minor changes that i dont like in database with fmrte. From what you said, It's even easier to make every player in the squad with 20 in all attributes so no new signings needed!!! :P
  4. Thank you for the really fast update. I have an issue with the ask value, still -1 for every player (except the players in your squad that you set their asking price). Will you fix that feature soon? It's really helpfull
  5. As many have told, all the players' ask value is -1. Any plans braca of fixing that in later versions?
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