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  1. Thanks, BraCa, for making an updated version of FMRTE available so quickly. Much appreciated. Do you do all of this on your own, BraCa? Kudos to you if you do, and even if you receive help from others then it's still a big achievement to make such a popular and useful tool and to adapt it so quickly to changes that you have no control over whatsoever. Looking forward to trying it out now.
  2. Just had a quick shot of your latest version of the editor, BraCa, and it's shaping up to be your best yet. I've just got this gut feeling that this one is going to be a bit special. It already feels quick with lots of tabs open, the filters are easier to understand and modify, the UI graphics are clearer and modern, everything is displayed in a simple way that's easy to navigate through, and there's new additions to the editor that will certainly be helpful in shaping the game to the way a user likes. Thanks again for taking the time to create this great tool. It's easily worth paying money for - as was last year's editor - and having it adds a lot to the game and the overall enjoyment I get from it.
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