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  1. mbbn

    FMRTE 18 for Windows

    Good editor - Developer are quick to come up with updates.
  2. mbbn

    FMRTE 17 for Windows

    I have problem with change in transer fee - when i change the value and save the value change back or change to zero - other there have the same problems?
  3. mbbn

    FMRTE 16 for Windows

    thanks - it works
  4. mbbn

    FMRTE 16 for Windows

    I am also getting this error can you guide me too clear the app
  5. Problems in the Future Transfer section: You cant search for a player name if you want to change player name, but you can search and change the target club
  6. How to freeze the fitness and Fitness ?
  7. BraCa Y.N.W.A Thank you
  8. god news for many people - 5 euro is cheap for a program there is unique

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