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  1. Couldn't upload the error.log. So here is part of the error.log; {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:31:25.7795479+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Load game data was initiated","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:31:25.8648677+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Unloading game data","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:31:28.7871329+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Invalid ingame date 1/01/1000 12:00:00 AM","Properties":{"Type":"GameLoader","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:31:28.7881317+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Invalid ingame date 1/01/1000 12:00:00 AM","Properties":{"Type":"GameLoader","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:31:28.8070665+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Invalid ingame date 1/01/1000 12:00:00 AM","Properties":{"Type":"GameLoader","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:31:28.8100628+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Invalid ingame date 1/01/1000 12:00:00 AM","Properties":{"Type":"GameLoader","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:31:28.8647857+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Loading game data {LoadDataAsync} {LoadRemainingOnBackground}","Properties":{"LoadDataAsync":true,"LoadRemainingOnBackground":true,"Type":"GameLoader","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:31:28.8763619+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Start loading game data","Properties":{"Type":"GameLoader","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:31:28.9704618+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Loading game data - Starting loading lists","Properties":{"Type":"GameLoader","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:42:05.6887237+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Fastest loading method finished successfully","Properties":{"Type":"GameLoader","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:42:05.7217676+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Game data was loaded","Properties":{"Type":"GameLoader","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:42:05.7247572+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Starting to load remaining game data","Properties":{"Type":"GameLoader","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:42:05.7257545+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Load game data was finished","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:42:05.7327407+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Loading remaining data","Properties":{"Type":"GameLoader","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:42:05.7706495+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Loading game data {Result} - {SaveGameId}","Properties":{"Result":"ca4bee4f8a9deb7676d3292f367cdf663","SaveGameId":9056118,"Type":"General","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:42:05.7819911+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Loading remaining data finished","Properties":{"Type":"GameLoader","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:42:05.7835993+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Game loader finished loading game data","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:42:05.7885889+10:30","Level":"Debug","MessageTemplate":"Updating savegame information","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:43:07.0666668+10:30","Level":"Error","MessageTemplate":"Freeze 1821587224","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:43:07.6397172+10:30","Level":"Error","MessageTemplate":"Freeze 1821610888","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:43:07.7159897+10:30","Level":"Error","MessageTemplate":"Freeze 1821611704","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:43:07.7887484+10:30","Level":"Error","MessageTemplate":"Freeze 1821783880","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:43:07.8557336+10:30","Level":"Error","MessageTemplate":"Freeze 1821809992","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:43:07.9247900+10:30","Level":"Error","MessageTemplate":"Freeze 1824183016","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}} {"Timestamp":"2018-11-12T00:43:07.9985350+10:30","Level":"Error","MessageTemplate":"Freeze 1824200968","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}}
  2. Fixed the previous problem by uninstalling and re-installing FMRTE. Ran in debug mode and tried loading the game. After 5 or so mins of "Loading game data..." it finally loads my game but FMRTE seems very slow to respond to tasks. Unable to provide bug report because it loads up eventually. But the sluggishness of the program is strange. I don't have this issue on my less powerful device (my Desktop) compared to my more powerful Surface Pro. Any ideas why BraCa??
  3. I just tried to run FMRTE again today with the debug mode and got this error. Now I can't even load the game data so can't provide a bug report. It says it does not support my game version (, however it is listed as one of the supported versions. I have not downloaded or reinstalled since yesterday.
  4. Just tried that and still can't work. I have posted in the bugs section. Hopefully there is a fix soon.
  5. What bugs/issues did you encounter: What is your FM version: 19.1.2 What is your FMRTE version: 19 Which operating system are you using: Windows 10 64-bit I am having issues with FMRTE as it just keeps "Loading game data..." when I try to load a saved game on my Surface Pro 6. I have no issues using FMRTE on my Desktop which has a slower processor. Tried running as admin and also tried changing the compatibility but still having the same issue. Both my Surface Pro 6 and my desktop are running Windows 10 and have the same antivirus. Just can't figure out why I can't get FMRTE to work on the Surface Pro... The Surface Pro runs FM19 perfectly, even better than my Desktop but I can't fathom why it doesn't seem to run FMRTE. On a side not, I have tried running Genie Scout and that works fine on the Surface Pro. I have a license for the FMRTE and have been using this program for years. This is my 1st EVER issue with the program! Can someone help figure out a fix or am I missing something?? Thanks.... Attachments:
  6. Tried uninstalling FMRTE and re-installing it but still having the same issues. I have Genie Scout and that works for both my Desktop & the Surface Pro so I have no ideas why FMRTE won't load the save game data. Any ideas GREYFOX??
  7. I am using the same antivirus on my Desktop and my Surface Pro. Just don't know why FMRTE doesn't seem to load the saved game data.
  8. I have tried to run as admin but still the same. It works fine on my Desktop that has lower specs than my Surface Pro. Tried troubleshooting and used Windows 8 compatibility along with run as admin and still encountering the "Loading game data..." issue
  9. Hi, I have just installed FMRTE 19.1.2 (build 9) on my new Surface Pro 6 and it just keeps "Loading game data..." when i try to Load Game. FM19 works fine on the Surface Pro and I have used FMRTE on my Desktop, it just doesn't seem to want to load the game data on my Surface Pro... Does anyone have the same problem or knows of a fix???
  10. Try holding down the "Control" key and click the program. Then click open and that should work for you.
  11. It should arrive in a few minutes. give it time to process. works fine for me. if not try checking in your client area, it should show up there too.
  12. This should shut some people up! Lol... Great work as always guys!!
  13. S7S

    iFMRTE 2015 Update

    Heya BraCa and GobLin... There are a few disgruntled people. If you could possibly give an update on the timeframe, that could ease some of their minds... As for me, I am gladly able to wait till u release a working version of the program...
  14. S7S

    iFMRTE 2015 Update

    Hi there Goblin or BraCa... Is there an update on when the Mac version of FMRTE is gonna be released and if it will be on par with its Windows counterpart? Many thanks... And keep up the good work guys!
  15. Good morning, Wonderful work once again guys. If there is one issue or gripe I have is that the Mac users have always been left behind. I do like the fact that there is continuous improvements in the Windows version but I reckon that like myself, most if not all the Mac users would really appreciate if the iFMRTE can be brought up the the current standards / options of its Windows version. We all pay the same amount for the product, we do expect the same resulting product. I do understand that it is more difficult in the programming of iFMRTE but a little more should be done to get this on par with the Windows version. Once again, this is not a complain. Merely a view from a avid fan and user of your wonderful program. Thank you very much.
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