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  1. Working now. Cheers for the quick fix.
  2. Still getting this problem even after update. My custom player presets work fine, but all my staff presets say there's an unexpected error. Even creating new staff presets won't work. Staff Stats.json
  3. I have quite a few custom presets in fmrte16. Will I be able to drag them from the 16 preset folder to the 17 preset folder or won't they work and I'll have to do them all again for 17?
  4. Something that's bugging me is under 'Freezer Settings' I always move World Rep, Current Rep and Home Rep to the 'Attributes To Ignore' column, and tick 'Attributes Can Increase', so that way the reputation can gradually increase, But since the last update it freezes the reputations too, despite them being in the 'Attributes To Ignore' column. I don't know if it's just me it's happening to, but it's a bit annoying.
  5. Is there no match preparation tab this year or has it just moved? Also, the heal team option changes the players reputation.
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