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  1. JordyB

    FMRTE 19 for Windows

    Thanks again for your hard work BraCa!
  2. No, only his stats will freeze. So he won't get better or worse. Still has fatigue, getting older etc.
  3. The license can be purchased as soon as FMRTE hits the interweb. That was how it went the last years since the license system came in. Altho I wouldn't mind a pre-purchase. We all know Braca is going to nail it, like every year (thank god).
  4. Watch out, new FM update (15.3.1 615248) is out!
  5. And things that haven't occurred yet.... You really like that song dontcha? xD
  6. Well, in theory you're right, of both software you've got their latest version. But the fact is that the latest FM update (14.3.1), released last Thursday, isn't supported by FMRTE, yet. Yeah, yet, they are working on it
  7. Select player > go to contract tab > on the bottom of the screen press clear. Until the update you have to manually delete the unhappiness. This FMRTE version isn't that stable for me either. First load doesn't give any problems (beside inspire button), but every load after that can freeze up FMRTE. Instead of waiting, I now just stop the task and start up FMRTE again.
  8. Hey Greyfox, I have the same problem, heal team still works but inspire team doesn't work anymore, they keep being unhappy. Also, normally, you can find the unhappy issue on the contract tab, but this is now empty with only the ''clear'' button. But there isn't something to clear when it isn't showing. I guess BraCa needs to check this
  9. Lol, every year the same posts/complaints. Its a great tool, gets always updated and if u ask me, the pricetag is perfect. Nice work again, BraCa =)
  10. JordyB

    Where am I?

    I confirm this. It looks like I can search & find myself only in the beginning of playing FM, after some weeks/maybe months ingame I can't be found. When I start up FM another day I can find myself again in the beginning of playing.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that only works when the player accepted your offer and you've made an agreement with the selling club. Therefore it only works when you're NOT in a transfer window, because when you're in a transfer window you have no time to adjust. So you can make a transfer when you're outside a transfer window, adjust the offer and wait till the next transfer window opens or you can, when you're in a transfer window, make an offer on the player with the option -take the player at the end of the season-. By this you can adjust the offer, and then adjust the transfer date to a couple of days after ingamedate. Also, you can indeed create or adjust the minimum release fee in players contract. Go to the player, go to contract and when you see Minimum Release Fee, adjust that. And when you don't see that, but there are some other contract clausules you can adjust that to a minimum release fee. And what Syahrefi Amirza said is correct, but not always the smartest thing to do. When you're at a smaller club, but the potential of the player is big, there gonna be many big clubs offering a contract to the player.
  12. When your games crash after you've edited something with FMRTE, it is most likely that you've did something wrong or did something out of range. Try to swap 1 player at the time, and check that you've filled everything correct. Check in FM if the game continues or will crash again.
  13. JordyB

    CA/PA Question

    Yes I understand, and sorry my fault, I didn't mean generate wonderkid but make wordclass in player profile (with reducing bad attributes of course). And become truly world class? Its true that the regens 90% of the time don't reach that stage without editing they'r PA, but I was more than satisfied when I changed they'r PA so they reach 80% and above with position rating. With 200 PA I had several regens with, when they had reached full PA potential, position rating like 90%. Don't know how high Messi's rating is, but for me they were truly world class ;-) Well, maybe I'll try this ''cheat'' one day out.
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