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  1. Hi For me FMRTE will only work sometimes, mostly it will load but I won't be able to access it without freezing and crashing. Enclosed my error log. error.log
  2. Looking forward to FMRTE 17. Looking forward to see what colour scheme you will use this year. Was very pleased with FMRTE 16, though it was almost flawless,
  3. Change your homepage it says Thrid Party tool instead of third party tool lol
  4. Can't save league data after I edit it, it was fine before your update.
  5. The mods have legged it man, they're on permanent holiday or something.
  6. It's a FMRTE issue I'm raising in the client area, they'll have an idea what i'm going on about.
  7. It's in the game right from the very start. The players are correctly in their their clubs when the view the club as a whole but if you click on an indivdual player it will list him as a free agent making transfers, contracts etc basically uneditable. I use the FM in game editor much more now.
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