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  1. I had 39 installed and was trying to activate and it said I had reached my max activations..... then when in client area it said I had 3 licensed versions of 35 all active but my version had red activate, but I couldn't deactivate as it was saying that..... I think its just windows 10 as 7 will no longer have pre-release builds I think.... of course im now on 41.... I posted it more to headsup people who it may affect, it wasn't a complaint and I don't think it can be fixed in fmrte itself I just guess that when windows 10 updates a build to the point where it creates a windows.old it could be that something fmrte reads is moved into windows.old by windows update..... I dunno.. maybe adding a deactivate button in the client area might help.
  2. Don't worry ive already submitted a ticket via client area but I just wanted to voice this on the forums as a warning to others. It would appear that if your part of windows pre-release builds each time windows updates (which recently seems to be weekly) it is not keeping fmrte registered but it also isn't deactivating, which means its very easy to reach your activation limit..... which has happened to me. so even though were now on I think 19.3.4 build 39 if I goto client its showing im still activated 3 times on build 35.... so now I reached my threshold. Im not sure if using a license file (prior to maxing out activations) would be the solution.... but just a heads up. everytime the windows 10 pro insider builds it appears to be treating as a completely new pc when the only thing changing is the windows build number.
  3. whats the best In game fitness range during match? I.e. what fitness setting in the editor/presets would i use between the 15000 - 17000 range that have good fitness range throughout a game, 1% at start i dont care about but currently at 17000 the game has allmy players at between 40-60% health at 60 mins. Resorting in cheap goals being scored against. Whats the best settings?
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