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  1. Ive been a fan of FMRTE since I can remember and a supporter of your great work. Which is why Im wondering if you guys are ever going to create a pre game editor like the one sigame has. But that one sucks.
  2. Was wondering if there was a way to use FMRTE so I can sell some players, preferably at a much better value than they're really worth? I read something about position 29 cheat but havent found anything.. Thanks in advance
  3. So, are they going to fix it?
  4. CrazyFootyfan

    Major bug!

    Hi, I wanted to change a players name, both first and lastname. What happened was that the editor changed everybodys name aswell. For instance, if I picked a guy named Leonard and changed that name to Luke then everybody who is named Leonard changes to Luke. Even teams and stuff. This never happened in fmrte 14. Help?!
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