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  1. CF Ng

    Future transfer bug

    Changed Build to 47 Changed Game Store to Epic Store Changed Game Version to 20.4.4-1442341
  2. CF Ng

    Future transfer bug

    Try at latest version update of FM and FMRTE 20.4.4 still the same
  3. Some player won't transfer at the date set in future transfer. I set 4 future transfers at will be joining to my club at 1-July-2019, but when 1st of July, only 2 players joined and the other 2 players did not joining. Please refer to attachment for more details: 1st attachment : future transfer screenshot 2nd attachment: Calendar is showing those players join at 1st of July 3rd attachment: 2 players successfully transferred and another 2 players pending transfer in transfer center 4th attachment: Buffon profile still showing joining arsenal at 1st of July
  4. Hi everyone, is anyone encountered the problem of future transfer issue? After modify and when the date come, the player does not come to the club? may be only 1 or 2 are coming but the rest are not coming? please let me know if have any solution? i guess it happened after update to version 20.4.3 (build46)
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