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  1. Hi, Did as listed, FMRTE is activated and enable Debug Mode. The issue is still there, please find attached error.log. BTW, I checked computer's performance while the FMRTE hung up, it is using CPU almost 14% and keep no response for a long time till I closed it. Hope it can help to find out what's the matter. Thanks. Nick error.log
  2. Uploaded. My OS is Win 7 64bit, and the FM2020 v20.4.2 1438909 (64 bits). It's happened on every player, once i try to open any player's page, FMRTE hung up. Thanks. error.log
  3. FMRTE 20.4.2 Build 45. I can't open a player edit page, it will cause FMRTE 'no repsonse' and software hung up. Thanks.
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