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  1. I got this with the Eredivisie (pic 1), so probably need to wait a bit till the end And pic number is the Eerste Divisie, the only table there is, both stages under each other but not a total table
  2. I'm also curious about that!
  3. Are there teams relegating? Actually IRL nobody is relegating from the Eerste Divisie. So I should wait till they have started the 4th period and edit the 4rd stage? Because I can't find the overal table
  4. It's impossible to edit the tables for the Dutch Leagues. The league is in stages, also the Eredivisie, which is wrong. There are only 2 stages. The normal regular league and the playoffs in the end for European football. Also for the Eerste Divisie which the regular season is divided in 4 periods, with each a winner, is impossible to edit. Not like the Eredivisie where you can't do anything at all and only have a blank area, the edits you do for the Eerste Divisie don't work.
  5. There is a search icon standing next to the birth place, but you can't change it. Can this please be fixed? I have many players in my team who are local but who are all born in the capital city, probably because there is no place of birth added to them in the database.
  6. Or changing the location of the worldcup. I'm manager of Indonesia and on the way to first time qualifying for the worldcup, but I don't want to play the worldcup in qatar.
  7. I'm having the same issue. Is it going to be solved?
  8. EdwinK85

    Stadium Name

    How can this be done in FM2020?
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