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  1. I have managed to get it working BraCa. Using your guide "csrutil enable --without debug" does not work. However, if I type in "csrutil disable" into the terminal in Recovery mode, restart my mac and open up both FM and FMRTE it does work and I can edit my FM save. Once I have made the changes I want, I enable SIP in the terminal in Recovery mode. This process works for me now.
  2. But even if you temporarily disable SIP, FMRTE does not work at the moment....
  3. BraCa could you please advise? I have turned off the SIP in terminal whilst in recovery mode. The workaround error message still appears. Does something need to be updated at your end to stop this workaround message appearing once we have disabled SIP?
  4. I am experiencing the same issue as zriah. Can someone look into this please?
  5. Click on the apple logo top left of your screen, then click "about this mac". The version number will be in that window.
  6. Forgot to add...My OS is Mojave 10.14.6
  7. Here is my error log file. error.log
  8. I have the same issue. I have created a bug report for this. Hope it is resolved soon...
  9. I have downloaded build 22 that was updated to be used with 20.2.4. When I open FMRTE and click on load game the following message appears: "An unexpected error occurred, pleased send the error.log file that was created in FMRTE folder to support@fmrte.com" Are you able to look into this? I'm not sure where the FMRTE folder is located in mac, so if you need me to attach the error.log file, please advise where to find this. Cheers
  10. f1dgh

    Hair/Skin Color

    I'm also experiencing the same problem. Hope this can be fixed soon, as this feature is the main reason I purchased FMRTE.
  11. Could anyone offer advice on this issue? Am I doing something wrong or is this feature broken?
  12. I purchased FMRTE 20 for mac this morning, and really enjoying the features so far. It's a great piece of software. I have been having an issue changing the hair and skin colour of a player. When I make the changes in the editor and save them to the game, it doesn't appear to work. If I close the the app and open up FMRTE again and load the save into it, the original hair and skin colour is present on the player. I have tried several different players and the problem persists. I can change everything else about a player and it saves correctly. Is this a known issue, or can I do som
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