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  1. Good day. The day before yesterday, after installing and running as administrator, the program started working, but for half a day. After logging out and logging in, nothing is saved again
  2. good day. As I understand it, no solution has been found?
  3. did not help. "Error Writing data | Address: 1326419168 | DataSize: 8 | Buffer Size: 8 | BytesWritten: 2423125544 | Result: False | ErrorCode: 5","Exception":"System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Отказано в доступе","Properties":{"SourceContext":"General","Version":"","ExceptionDetail":{"HResult":-2147467259,"Message":"Отказано в доступе","Source":null,"StackTrace":null,"NativeErrorCode":5,"ErrorCode":-2147467259,"Type":"System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception"}}}
  4. Has anyone else handled this issue?
  5. I have Avast installed. I'm trying to restore my health, remove cards, change the transfer amount. Not only does it not save, but does not even respond to pressing "buttons".
  6. Did not help. With the previous version, I had the same problem, it went away without my intervention.
  7. Good day. After the update, saving changes does not work, and during installation, "error saving changes" was displayed.
  8. Hello, I cant save chamnges on FMRTE 20. Help me, please
  9. Hello, i cant save the game on FMRTE 20. Help me)) {"Timestamp":"2020-07-28T09:43:41.2000264+03:00","Level":"Error","MessageTemplate":"Error Writing data | Address: 1354183024 | DataSize: 2 | Buffer Size: 2 | BytesWritten: 2147760896 | Result: False | ErrorCode: 5","Exception":"System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Отказано в доступе","Properties":{"Type":"General","Version":""}}
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