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  1. Hi i just got my new laptop today, i redownloaded fmrte but its not activated now, so i have been looking through my profile on this website etc but i can't seem to find it, could anybody help point me in the right direction? thanks in advance. Edit: nevermind i found it in the client area, all sorted
  2. just wondering if i bought it can i request my license to be revoked?
  3. ok mate no bother will leave it this year.
  4. Hi i want to get FMRTE just to change a couple of minor things in the game that i dont agree with, but i don't want to buy it full time because its to tempting to tweak things when the going gets tough and i find it ruins the game, i did this on fm 19 & 20, its to easy to keep going back to it. Is there a way i can buy a short term license that will expire?
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