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  1. Oh i mean when FM20 will be released and there be a new fmrte, just a tip
  2. Hi, First of all many thanks for this wonderfull program. Next edit i'll give a gift. But now the idea, i thought it would be nice to add prize money to leagues that doesn't have, i know you can add this at the official editor but than you need to change a lot of things, my question is, if it's possible to just add this by the fmrte editor? greetz
  3. Hi if try to load my game at fmrte, it says my version is not compatible, can please make it compatible because the update doesn't find it.
  4. Hi Is it possible to make an option to change the colour of the shoe for the players in 3D? Thanks!
  5. I found out you can change the retire date of the player so that's what i wanted, you can lock this topic, sorry for not searching good!
  6. Hi I have an idea, i hope this can be worked out. Is it maybe possible to add an option to don't let a player retire for some seasons? I just want to prevent players like ronaldo to retire at 35, i always change the age but this is not realism. Hope this can work.
  7. Is this problem fixed? so i can know that i can buy this.
  8. Hello, i want to know if i can change the hair colour in a saved game of a player? I can't find out if this editor is in-game or not. Thanks for helping me out
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