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  1. Been away for a few months so I was wondering if there was any new features in this edition of FMRTE and if there is a forum where they are listed.
  2. Just reused old key, delete please. All sorted
  3. I have been using this since the game came out and now all of a sudden it's telling me to activate my license yet I did this months ago...
  4. I also can't find Brentford when I search on mass edit filter
  5. Initially I mass edited each club filtered by division from the premier league to vanarama national north and south however the next season when using the same filter that I had previously it would only find 18 clubs. I believe this is due to relegations and promotions but it makes mass editing these teams then impossible. For instance if you filter the division to Sky Bet Championship you should get 24 clubs in your search results however I only get 18 and each season this becomes less and less. If you need screenshots just ask and I can show what I mean if I havens been clear enough.
  6. As in after you set your filter, and then change specifics within that filtered group of players/staff, that it would be great if you was able to freeze those specific filtered players similarly to the freeze selected button within the squad page. In other words if edit every Gk in the game to be 1 overall with 1 in every stat rather than individually freezing each players attributes could it be done on the mass edit page after a filter has been selected. Cheers for considering if you want screenshots to help further clarify what I mean then just ask.
  7. Thankyou, Is there any way a freeze all feature could be added to the mass edit feature? I've mentioned it in the suggestions a couple of times and there's been no response.
  8. When editing attributes using mass edit the off the ball attribute resets to 1 after changing it to 20.
  9. Would it be possible to add a freeze button to the mass edit feature? It would make for many interesting experiments and would be a really cool feature.
  10. Does the so called fitness glitch and the position glitch still work? I've seen some posts in the archives and was just wondering if they still work and also could anyone explain how to do them.
  11. I'm hoping that there is a chance that a feature where I can mass freeze a filtered bunch of players will be implemented.
  12. Where is the option to save my settings as I want to use Pounds instead of Euros but there is no option to save this once I've switched them?
  13. I can't seem to find where to freeze a bunch of mass edited players. If this is not possible yet would it be possible to add this feature as it would be extremely helpful, thanks.
  14. Won't work with the latest fm update 19.3.4. Can't load my game as that version is yet to be supported.
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