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  1. They asked me 2 times, which method I used, because they see it as still pending, and I sent than picture of my paid the bill for keys to activate FMRTE 2019 , with date, sum everything, and still is pending?
  2. Transaction did not failed in no way, the money has been removed from bank account, so it means it is payed couple days ago. They got my money, i did not got my keys. In 3 days it is going to be 10 days, if i dont get keys, i got scammed, so i will have to call my bank, to take action, to get my money back.
  3. I did everything, I just wait too long if you ask me, it has to be a bit quicker, 7 days is more than enough to deliver the keys. Dont know where is the hold up.
  4. I have deleted pictures, you saw it, from personal reason i have delete it.
  5. last 7 days I used support ticket, and I have not get any mail with licenses , and in my client area there is nothing, says There are no results to display. So I wait 7 days after payment, wanted to know is it normal?
  6. Hello, my problem is, I have bought Activation Keys for my FMRTE 2019 7 days ago, and since than I did not received my keys. Does it usually take that long or is something else going on? I really wanna know why it takes that long, since my payment was 7 days ago. It should be delivered by now, but it is not.
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