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  1. The attributes are changing if you don't freeze a player, try changing the attributes of a player and then freeze him so nothing changes.
  2. Hey, not an expert or anything, just asking, do you save before checking in game? Because at first I forgot to save and nothing changed, got frustrated and then checked that I had not saved anything lol
  3. Hey BraCa, good to know, thank you for your effort to improve FMRTE!
  4. This actually happened to me yesterday and wanted to report that as well, but found this post. I can confirm that in FMRTE although it changes the value to the current day, the unhappiness doesn't go away in game. Also, tried to change it to a day or some days later, it didn't change.
  5. I can confirm that, I just tried to make a preset that bans players and it doesn't register since, I guess, wants you to add days or matches that the player should be banned and that isn't an option on the preset manager, so, I confirm the confirm comment (?)(oh the irony haha).
  6. What bugs/issues did you encounter: IsInjured Not Working Properly What is your FM version: FM19.1.5 (1166322) What is your FMRTE version: 19.1.5 (build 18) Which operating system are you using: Windows 10 Home x64 I don't have a problem that produced an Error Log, but the only "bug" that I found, as I posted on here: I am trying to add a preset that will make some players (or the whole team lol) to be injured by using IsInjured TO true, PlayerInjury.MinimumDays TO 10, PlayerInjury.ExtraDays TO 20, PlayerInjury.TreatmentBySpecialist TO true. Yeah some of those values might be not correct since I am still learning to use the presets, and as I have read through the forum I added how many days the injury should be, but whatever I do, even with different PlayerInjury functions added, it doesn't register at all. Thanks for your time! Attachments:
  7. I actually had already read this by searching the forum but I thought it was answered even though I didn't get it to work, but I am doing it to players individually since FMRTE gives me this option, but I was hoping for a faster solution, for example just CTRL+Click on players and just use the preset. Thanks for the reply though! Edit: Do you know if it was reported as a bug? Because I can't find it somehow, so I can add a comment on it.
  8. What is your FM version: FM 19.1.5 (1166322) from Steam. What is your FMRTE version: FMRTE19.1.5 I have used the update feature says I am using the current version. Are you Beta testing for S.I.- No Are you running FMRTE as administrator- YES I know this gets asked a lot, I searched on the forum but didn't get a full answer, I saw that you have to put the number of days that you want the player to be injured but it still doesn't work. What I put is : IsInjured TO true, PlayerInjury.MinimumDays TO 10, PlayerInjury.ExtraDays TO 20, PlayerInjury.TreatmentBySpecialist TO true. I am clearly doing something wrong, and sorry if it is a stupid question but I am still learning.
  9. Hello guys, I got an idea that would save me some time and maybe other members as well, and it would be cool to be added to the software. I open a lot of tabs when I am editing the players or the staff of my team(and that because I am still trying to make it automatic by using presets, but still learning so I screw up a lot lol), and it would be cool to save and then press something like ESC or CTRL+W (as in a browser) to close the tabs!
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