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  1. Hey BraCa, thank you for replying this quickly. I edited only the attributes and everything seems fine, after editing player position the game carries on aswell. Seems to be a name problem.
  2. FM 2020 v20.4.2.1437391 (2020.09.18 12.36.42).dmp FM 2020 v20.4.2.1437391 (2020.09.18 12.45.26).dmp FM 2020 v20.4.2.1437391 (2020.09.18 13.24.14).dmp
  3. Hi, I'm trying to edit a player and everytime I press "continue" ingame it crashes. I tried editing some attributes and it crashed, then I tried only editing the name and I had the same result. Here are some crash dumps I had after multiple attempts. Thank you.
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