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  1. Thanks, I've rechecked the subscription page and found a lisence.
  2. I have subscribed the FMRTE, and has refreshed it this year, do I need to buy FMRTE 21 again, or how can I get a lisence?
  3. The background is that I can only receive five teens a year in Chinese league... And create a player by oneself is a little bit too TIRED. I'll need to find a free player, transfer it to my team, and re-decide his information.
  4. The Robot Check cannot load in China without a VPN, which makes me uncomfortable when try to send an error report. So may you change the Robot Check into a question, or something else, and make us feel convenient.
  5. I mean I can't send error logs with my post, since the 500KB has been used, and it seems I can't delete them.
  6. I'm not able to attach a error log now, and I haven't found the delete button yet.
  7. FM 19.0.3 with latest FMRTE. And I have changed the nationality achieving time to one year in total. But still no one can gain his nationality after one year.
  8. I wonder if it is a bug or something else, but I can never successfully change the time of gaining a new nationality in the game. Is it something stops me from getting one?
  9. I'm not sure if you like to see me all the time, but when I'm playing I will always have these ideas, some of which are ridiculous. The VAR - which I entirely oppose both in reality and in game - has been added to the engine. Can you believe that the game is called to stop, and the referee goes to see the video more than ten times in one single match in Chinese Super League. I guess that the times of the video help is affected by the level of the referee, so I respectfully ask you to enable referee edit. I'll post the same thing in SI forum, but I don't think they will change.
  10. I'm curiously looking forward to all the FMRTE18 features under-working back again soon. And I'm looking forward to those buttons without functions. And I'm also looking forward to single city's edition, to make a city become great. It'll be wonderful.
  11. A lot of people are complaining about the probability of injury, and I notice that those teens are too good. So why not provide global variables, which can change the whole game - but not just a single club - and make the game more justice. I'm hoping for variables to decrease the probability of injury/decrease the probability of generate 190+ wonderchilds/en-slow the speed to scout a player/increase the speed of young staffs' development, and so on.
  12. I'm really happy to use FMRTE 19, but here is some report for it. I'd like the search option back. I can hardly search for anything. It's a little bit slow so I need the new Tab search and search filter. Build 1 's player's ability(CA&PA) can't be change. Not able to add relation clubs. This is the country settings, and the '+' can't be used.
  13. When I try to change some certain ability, I will have to change his CA as well, but I don't know how many I should add or minus. So I hope that when I change one's certain ability, his CA can change as well.
  14. I agree, and I'd like to change the name of a stadium. I don't like the name from the chairman.
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