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  1. Guys; read the comments and go reply in the official SI thread. Bump it up and make it known there that it is currently pretty unplayable. It's an JPL issue in FM. Not an FMRTE issue it seems. Unless FMRTE can make a workaround for the current issue..
  2. Is the Homegrown icon showing in squad view? I have tried al possible combinations and I'm unable to get it working. The state of Santini on your screenshots are also true in my case, but the player isn't "really" marked as homegrown. You are able to see that in the squad view. I have added a screenshot to show what we are looking for. I've also tried removing the 0-15y old relation to exactly reflect your situation but it does not change Bruno's homegrown status. De Belder has a legit homegrown status (shown by the HGN-icon), Bruno doesn't have it but has the same relations. (tried different ones + the workaround from FMRTE18, using the 'developed at country'-relation)
  3. Same issue; was working in 18 by adding the "developed at country" relation. Looking forward to a fix!
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