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    Well that's your own fault for not reading the information properly. The front page clearly says "OS X: Soon". I personally have paid my licence fee in anticipation of BraCa doing the same amazing job he does every year with iFMRTE. But he is under no obligation to do so, you however, should read what you're buying before you pay, not moan about it afterwards. The Mac version always takes longer, from my understanding it is harder to get the programming correct and, from a business point of view, most users (and therefore a majority of funds which are needed to build FMRTE) are Windows users. I would rather allow BraCa the time to properly develop the programme and deliver a good product, rather than a product which is going to corrupt the game or cause issues.
  2. daryl142

    iFMRTE 16

    Hi all. Great work on the PC version, is there any update of when the Mac version will be live? Just a ballpark date would be amazing.
  3. daryl142

    FMRTE for mac

    What rivals? I cannot find any other products.
  4. Does anyone know how to make players retire from international football? There is a a check box, but every time I click it it just makes an error.
  5. I have the same fault. FMRTE supports your game version but your game is not loaded. It is loaded and i've followed the error message fix, and still not working.
  6. He's delaying release for an hour every time someone asks where it is.
  7. People need to calm down a bit, BraCa has always said to run FM in offline mode as he cannot always guarantee he will be able to update FMRTE, if you run it online then thats the risk you take. Mac FMRTE has always taken longer than the Windows version, which again is a risk you take if you run FM online. The Mac version does require a lot more work. One suggestion I would have to BraCa would be to maybe consider offering a Mac licence which could be a bit cheaper than the Windows version as a way of compensating for the (understandable) delays.
  8. Apologies for the stupid question, but what version of FM will the new iFMRTE be compatible with?
  9. Mine's working now, it appears to have been a problem with the link to the licences. Things happen. In trying to get it to work though I did put Steam back online which caused FM to update, now waiting for the updated FMRTE
  10. I have just installed version 30 of iFMRTE. It has asked me to active my licence. On entering my licence number I get an error saying there is a newer version of FMRTE available and I have to update. Firstly, I am not using FMRTE, I'm using iFMRTE and secondly, there is no further update available. Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. When I try to register my licence I get a message saying 'Update Required'. Where is the Update 'button'? Also, when I try to load the game into iFMRTE I get the following message: FMRTE does supports your game version (14.1.4 446359), but it seems that your savegame is not loaded yet.. If you are sure that your savegame is fully loaded, save it (without exiting FM) and then try again. I have followed the instructions but it makes no difference.
  12. There's a post in the newsfeed stating that iFMRTE will be out later this week?
  13. I've actually made a claim to PayPal for a refund for miss-selling the licence. This is extreme but maybe hitting people in the pocket will force someone to say something on this forum about the release of a Mac version.
  14. €5, seriously? For the amount of time and work that goes into the programme it is a bargain. If you think you can do it cheaper then feel free.
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