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  1. Second this, totally forgot to mention it. Also the fact that we can't 'add' any relations for regen staff.
  2. Well just incase this helps, here's just a list of the Bonuses and Clauses this year : Bonus Options: Clause Options: Mainly 'Assist Bonus' is new. And the 'Seasonal Landmark Assist Bonus' and 'Seasonal Landmark Combined Goal and Assist Bonus' clauses are new. The former clause has same drop down options as Seasonal Landmark Goal Bonus which is pre-existing in FMRTE21. The latter is as below: Really hope the staff numbers edit becomes a possibility too! Fingers crossed! Insane speed for updates
  3. Yeah, that's not a feature yet, I believe @BraCa has said it's in the pipeline. I have had the same doubt ever since I downloaded FMRTE21 too.
  4. Absolute machine @BraCa!! This stuff's a major help! Any idea on if Editing Staff Numbers will be a feature anytime soon? Also, when editing contracts some new FM21 add-ons like 'Seasons Assist Bonus' have not been added. I'm sure that's planned, but just thought I'd throw it out there.
  5. You sir @BraCa are an absolute wonder! Thank you!
  6. Same mate, this is one of the chief reasons I buy FMRTE. It's still early days, but I'm really looking forward to more functionality.
  7. What you've shown is ONLY for future agreed transfers tho. I'm still unable to edit ongoing contract negotiations for a player being bought or sold. Case in point, TFM being sold; cannot edit contract details when Woflsburg have already offered him one.
  8. Thank you! Editing Future Transfers is going to be HUGE!
  9. Thanks a bunch, I did eventually edit the contract and the loyalty bonus as well. Figured that'd just be easier for now. Cheers!
  10. Will there be a provision to edit the 'payout' you have to offer certain players to who leave the club and demand a sum to offset their now lower salary? I've never faced this in FM before, seems to be a new addition to FM21.
  11. Well that's real good to hear! Taking a moment away from the complaints, just thanks so much to you guys to come up with FMRTE21 in such a short time after the beta released. Playing it without the editor doesn't feel the same, and I wasn't sure how long FMRTE would take to come out, and with how many features included. I've been pleasantly surprised with all that does work with no hiccups. Kudos!
  12. Don't want to sound like a broken record here, but since these are crucial features, namely editing staff numbers, editing contracts offered to buying players, editing contracts offers to selling players, etc. I had hoped that there would be an update sometime soon. I'm assuming the next update is only when SI releases an FM21 update, which I believe will be the actual release of the game itself on the 24th. Am I correct in assuming this?
  13. Unable to edit Staff Numbers Unable to edit offered contract to player after transfer fee accepted
  14. Unable to view the contract offered to a plyer from my team, by the buying team. What I have shown below is the screenshot from 1 day AFTER the offers were accepted. Loaded FMRTE, went to player profile, opened Transfer Proposals, and still no information on offered contract. Besides, FMRTE shows offers from Al-Ain, Al-Jazira and Real Betis. None of these offers were made to me in-game. None of these clubs even show as interested in this player. Screenshot below. One last sidenote, when I edited the transfer fee and clicked save, it shows 'Affiliations Clubs
  15. Unable to edit number of staff, and contracts for ongoing transfers. Two of the most important features for me when I start a save.
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