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  1. Look at my settings page, i have like 10 options for MAC version of FMRTE, while other version have multiple options, and i cant even change the view of my search results, i can only view CA and PA. WTF! Can someone please tell me whats wrong here, what can i do to solve....why i have bought the license for? no additional service there.... http://joxi.ru/p279dqKUK6aXEr http://joxi.ru/12MY0aEIlOaE62 it is supposed to look similar to windows version: http://joxi.ru/BA00DkjhMzOQKA
  2. Mojave 10.14.6. unexpected error on every click
  3. I bought License, i updated FM, i startet new save game, but FMRTE on Mac Mojave doesnt work anymore, "unexpected error" on every click i do, can you please help me
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