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  1. ok thanks guys, i shut everything down and launched FM2020 touch as an admin, it seems to be working ok now?? also ensure you select the "- symbol" when using the search function
  2. hi sir i am also having an issue with the search Filter? it only seems to be showing me 731 players when i search for all parameters, it should be showing me 6638 as it states bottom right im trying to hunt down some good Scottish talent but is actually showing me zero players from Scotland exist when doing so? attached screenshot of this below to Searching for all players in my datebase : i search for all players from scotland : below search from Scotland showing none ?
  3. im back again Braca sir! thanks again for your software for FM2020 , a little late to the party this season as have been working away from home :D
  4. you can edit this under the league selection, im sure it has prize money and other values that can be adjusted, i have done this to the Scottish league also, to provide a boost to Scottish teams winning the league
  5. haha!! i will try my best sir! on my save Celtic are really dominating winning it 10 times in a row now, Kieran Tierney is now a key player for chelsea 🤣🤣 not sure what Chelsea seen in him lol...
  6. thanks again guys the search function this year is amazing as always, and proving very useful for me this FM19 career with Stirling Albion (now Scottish Premiership from league 2 lol) signing free agents that are better than current players, i hope after a few seaons in the premiership i will be able to sign more skillful players, and maybe win it but the battle to the Premiership was a hard 1 lol, semi-professional team no one wants to play for you, signing players with a CA of below 70 @ the start 55 CA was good
  7. thanks again BraCa sir & CulturedFoot for efficient update
  8. oh nice, i like the sound of Swansea or Aberdeen , haha Brenda's appointment, i never seen that one coming! alot of Celtic fans are upset from this all around Scotland lol!!
  9. thank you sir!, im already 8 games in and doing well oh wow thats not so good is it? good old SI strikes again then! who was your first save with? what team did you chose to play through with?
  10. thanks for update guys, im going to enjoy gameplay now and hopefully win the league using max conditions & morale
    so another year, another FM & another FMRTE engine thanks again, i enjoy to dominate Scottish football, and also European football
  11. time for purchase FM19 touch! what do we all think about it people? i was big fan of FM18 touch!? is it worth my while, ofc i enjoy to use FMRTE for high fitness & condition every few games, to to heal injuries
  12. thanks for update BraCa Sir!! FMRTE leading the way as always, beating the game and enjoying top class football action with nice gaming engine <3
  13. freeze feature does work sir, its very good method of playing with your team @ 100% all the time, if u adjust stats and not his Potential ability he will begin to lose stats, as a player with 140PA for example cannot have everything @ 20 points so i think game will adjust accordingly and begin to bring stats down until desired CA/PA is met hope this helps, but freeze settings works really well with me
  14. Kilmarnock Sam


    you can change it with FMRTE sir, select player and go to contracts, it works everytime iv done it or wanted tweaking i even gave myself the manager more weekly wage
  15. Kilmarnock Sam


    u can adjust their contracts too sir as you wish and see fit, have u tried changing contract expire date and weekly wage amount? make sure u save FMRTE first after changing what u wish, then save game, then load game again, i always find using this helps when using FMRTE? u should be able to adjust player contracts as you see fit, iv done this a few times early on trying to hold onto my good players as was only small team at this phase of career and not European giants! hope this helps sir, im no expert and u might be worth waiting for staff to assistance you u can always change your team status from semi-pro to professional as well and see if this helps with giving full time contracts too if your stuck always worth testing methods
  16. just purchased for the new game and another year of beating the game thanks Braca sir! your software is on top, non stop!
    found FMRTE when i was struggling with FM17! now purchased FMRTE18 after my year experience using FMRTE17 , never play FM without FMRTE! little or large advantage, you can do it all and beat the game or tune settings down and win draw or lose! highly recommend to others who come across this
  17. hey gentlemen what do you guys think of the new FM18 Touch, obviously if i purchased this i would then buy FMRTE18 to go with it ofc , playing FM17 Touch now for the past year and loved it, the faster more streamline version of FM, the classic version some would say what do you think then lads? FM18 worth the purchase? im tempted as seen a few reviews, some werent fan of it..but most were worth buying?? many thanks Killie Sam
    never look back since purchasing myself a FMRTE 17 CD KEY had it many months now, well worth it gentlemen would recommend to all, makes FM enjoyable and less frustrating, i use the search engine with it, and the heal players/inspire players
  18. awesome sir, this is what ill do from now on then!
  19. i like to play with 13500, sometimes i can even be beaten 3-1 etc when my full team have an off day, but when all player perform good u can run away with nice results 4-1 & 5-0 use cheat engine to freeze your players fitness & condition, then their stats and price will all increase naturally without freezing or hindering their development, all you have done is frozen/cheat engine'd their condition and fitness sir if ur not sure on how to do this you can PM me and i can talk you through the process on how to use Cheat Engine its pretty easy, 2 bytes has to be selected from the CE drop down bar also FMRTE made me love FM17 again lol
  20. thank you gentlemen, look forward to winning another champions league final today
  21. thanks sir, will continue my career legacy on sunday haha!
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