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  1. Thanks for your replies, I shall report as a bug. I play touch version as its faster and more enjoyable for me,.
  2. I have portugal selected but this league is not playable (Algarve First Division). I wondered only if it was possible. I have put some players in the squad. Seems to work. I assume maybe its not possible for the team to rise up the ranks,
  3. First Screen is of the team I am trying to edit finance for Messinense (portuguese team), Second is of Liverpool. I am using the latest version of FMRTE which is 19.3.5 (build 48) and the latest game version from steam where i bought it. Sorry I'm using the Touch version not FM 2019, could that be the issue?
  4. Thanks for your reply mate, finance is just not an option, it is usually selectable below the teams tab on the left but its not there. I'm assuming because the team was Amateur thats the reason? my team I manage (Liverpool) its their for them.
  5. Hey guys, Could a team rise up the leagues if I changed their club status from Amateur to Pro? I have edited a team (Messinense) Portugal and changed their rep also. This club of course doesnt have any players and just a manager. I wanted to know will changing the clubs rep and status help the team get promoted on their own? i can not edit Finances. What would be the process to achieving this? They are in a non playable league with no fixtures (Algarve First Division) Thanks guys
  6. Hey Folks, I got a good deal on FMT 19 via steam, just downloaded it and the latest version is 19.3.5 12. Is FMRTE working with this version before I buy a licence? or do I have to wait? Thanks
  7. Hey guys, I am ready to buy FM 2018 (for the touch version) I plan on buying a steam key and then buy FMRTE 18, What I want to know is will I be able to start an online game with my brother just us both and use the editor after the game is loaded? or are there restriction via steam to stop this. All I want to do is edit the budgets of the lower league teams we want to be and nothing more. p.s I can confirm that FMRTE 17 works with FMT17 via pc and transfer save file to tablet version. No crashes or restrictions.
  8. Thank you,Ill try using the search option more but it didn't give me any answers to what I wanted to know because no one has asked before about editing via a pc save and continuing via android. . Thanks.
  9. Lets leave it at that then, You didn't answer my question at all you merely linked a different post. Also no need to be rude, A simple yes to say it works would of been better. How did I know from the quoted thread you posted that it was for me. It mentions 2015 version of FMC.
  10. Thanks for your reply. Only way I suppose is to give it a try. thanks alot
  11. Seems your quoting someone else and not my question hehe.
  12. Hey guys I am new here and am wondering can someone answer a few questions for me. I am ready to buy FMT 17 PC and the Android version (as i have done last year also) What I want to know is, is does the Football Manager Touch PC version work with FMRTE and if so, if I edit anything via PC version and save my game will the saved data (player edits) work on my android version of the game? I've read they are cross save compatible on previous versions. Can this be achieved? Thanks alot guys and hope for some replies. Cheers
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