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  1. Hi guys! I tried buying license for FM20 but when I try to do so with my card it stops me, even though my card is open for buying stuff online. Please help me asap.
  2. One of the first things I tried, it says I don't have permission still.
  3. After the update my Avast stopped me from opening RTE and said it could have virus in it, I said I trust the program and tried to open it again but it wont work because it says I might not have permission to do so... please help me!
  4. Okay, you can't freeze their condition so they're always fit can you? Thanks for fast answer.
  5. When ''freezing'' a player and put his condition to 10000, does that mean he will always be at full fitness?
  6. Please let me know when the update is done so I can start playing FM again
  7. Hopefully they'll do it today, it's quite easy and fast to update it tbh
  8. Is it possible to change how long it takes for a player to gain a new nationality? If so, where and how do I do it?
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