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  1. I would like the ability to change the refs stats like we had last year please
  2. I know that FMRTE has the option to change nation coefficient but can you add the option to change the club coefficient Thanks
  3. just search for a competition and VAR is just there to be added
  4. https://www.footballmanager.com/blog/football-manager-2019-pre-and-game-editor-updates @culturedleftfoot
  5. we will have to wait until the pre game editor to see if it will be needing advanced rules or not...
  6. true and 👇 https://twitter.com/Branquinho1997/status/1045300599615614977 https://twitter.com/FootballManager/status/1045303410113867776 https://twitter.com/DGear86/status/1045309009744605185 https://twitter.com/FootballManager/status/1045309435923632128
  7. because Miles Jacobson and the football manager page said so on twitter
  8. You can edit referees in fmrte editor but right now it doesnt work.... you have to wait until the devs make it possible in further updates
  9. Hey , i was wondering if you guys could implement the VAR option for leagues on the FMRTE Editor like it will be on the pre game editor . Thanks
  10. Yes,thats what i meant , i expressed myself wrong , thanks for correcting me
  11. Hey , i found that chelsea owns stamford bridge but at the same time , the fans own the stadium too , can you add the possibility to change this setting in future updates? here it is some screenshot : https://imgur.com/a/E7GKI another screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/4BfSP Cheers and Happy Holidays.
  12. i will , thanks for trying to help
  13. i have all selected and running the app as admin
  14. i belive you but in my side is not working
  15. with this tool , can i edit all the referees or only some? i search for a refereed called martin atkinson and the fmrte editor can´t seem to find it... i´m in 2019 and still doesnt work , but if i try with a new save , it works fine ... Will you add the compatibility for this to work in on going long saves for example someone who is like me in further years? cheers
  16. i think it is already done and implemented on the FMRTE EDITOR , search for a referee and see for yourself
  17. is there going to be added a new feature in the fmrte editor?
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