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  1. Hi, Sure! Here it is (Mediafire link): https://www.mediafire.com/file/4fjt8ggy72ta7fd/Thomas_inParis_-_Man_City.fm/file Thank you.
  2. As shown in the screenshot included, FMRTE gives me an error when I try to get into the transfer center of the club I manage. (It seems to work when I go into the transfer centers of other clubs.)
  3. I did read it, but I could not post the FMRTE screenshot, since the update version was not available yet ^^ But, as it stands, it shows like this: My FMRTE version is FMRTE Windows FMRTE 21.1.3 (Build 15), it is run as Admin. My FM version is 21.1.3-1492907 (m.e v21.3.0.0) My savegame can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5i93ij5fyrk912k/Thomas_inParis_-_Austria_Vienne.fm/file Both leagues are picked as playable, but only Ligue 1 can be modified. And while I thank you for your help and entry in the FAQ, it does not seem to answe
  4. I have also noted that the values added in FMRTE tend to disappear after some time. I have added a few South American countries to one of my scouts, and he lost all knowledge of them after some time.
  5. Hello everyone. I have two questions regarding competitions' prize money. The first one being: Why do they keep reverting back to their original values after one season? For example, I will change the prize money of my championship so each team gets 50M, but it changes back to the original values once the dedicated season is over. The second question is: Why can't I change sub-tier competitions' prize money? I can change my league prize money, I can change French Ligue 1's prize money, but not French Ligue 2's.
  6. Hello. Can we expect this addition for the 2020 version? Thanks.
  7. It could be good if there was an option to mass-edit multiple players to add a certain level of use of a language (could be useful for the team cohesion or even to have players get a second nationality for the foreign ratios.)
  8. Hi! I have a question: Is it possible to mass-edit an entire team to have them all speak the same language at once or are we forced to go players by players and add a language manually? Thanks.
  9. It does work this way indeed. But, let's say that, in order to sign a particular player, I had to promise him an indispensable team status, wouldn't it impact his moral if I change his team status this way? (Purely hypothetical question)
  10. Oh, too bad.. Never mind, thank you anyway
  11. Hi guys! First of all, congratulations and thank you for your hard work. I have a question regarding the preset manager. I would like to modify in one go all of my players contracts - I achieved to modify wages, bonuses but I can't seem to find how to change the team status. Is there an option to do so or can I only go player by player to change their team status? Thank you.
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