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  1. Thanks for your help. Unfortunately I have saved half a season(and a very successful one) since this happened so it would be a hard choice to revert :/ I have already reverted the "extinct" stadium option but no effect at all. Seems like it's a no way back.
  2. Hello fellow manager colleagues. I have FMRTE16 latest build and I am experiencing a strange problem in my save. I searched the forums but found nothing similar. I am playing as AEK Athens and used FMRTE to complete new stadium in about a month after starting the game. In the first season everything ran OK, but in the second season, after I removed stadium feature "Used by national team", I can't play in my stadium. To make matters worse I clicked "extinct" option in FMRTE in an effort to just "move" to another stadium but it seems it made my life even harder. I can only play in my stadi
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