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  1. Hi, I have come back to try this again, but I can't seem to find any 3D kits. I've searched but all I get is standard images of kits lvia this search. Where can I find the files like you have above?
  2. OK, thanks for the reply. I think i'll concentreate on creating my club first. I will definitely come back to this as I've used the 2D kits to death. Thanks
  3. Just bought this yesterday and I'm having the same problem. The instruction is Step 1: 'Open your kit in FMKE' Open from where? Which folder? Which file type? When I open a downloaded kit from FMScout, it says 'the image doesn't seem to be from a FM20 3D kit' I'm a bit lost on this one.
  4. I have the same issue. Steam now always connects and checks for updated on Steam on start up. Only then can you go into offline mode.
  5. I haven't got back to it as I have been acting like a medieval drunken lord for the past week.
  6. 'My chairperson is my wife - I blame her every time she shuts the purse!' Ah, brilliant. And if you have rogue player you can pass them over to Wifey for a dressing down. The hair curler treatment, if you will! As for the SI thread, the dive right in without with the expectation that you know a bit, unexplained terms etc. I have posted a request for help, so if they get back to me I will post it here.
  7. I am new to modding FM files. Have you come across a tutorial for how to start from scratch? There is nothing better than bringing a teenager all the way to the top flight. My two football mad nephews are coming to mine for Christmas and I have added them into my youth system. I can't wait to develop them. I also added their brother, who is indifferent to football. I made him my chairman as he is a bit of a teen entrepreneur. Watch out football World, the Mané family are coming
  8. https://community.sigames.com/topic/388574-fm2017-mod-for-stadiums-especially-for-lower-leagues/ I think it really brings the game to life. Especially when you creat your own club. That and the fact that as a nipper I used to design stadia in the back of my school copy books!
  9. Cheers, but I don't want gaps at the corner of my stadium.
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