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  1. Just a follow up I left my Villa post as they are to mashed up to create reality lol However I am now with Athletic Bilbao. Top of league after 9-0-0 start and flying in EURO Cup. The player changes make it crazy. Most of my players are only 125-150 and I am hammering everyone. I have the odd 16,17 and 18 yo 160-180 but they are all so much more solid. Almost to the point you could play anyone lol I may have to tweak the (25's) to 21 and the (99's) to 50-60 maybe to see if that lowers performance to a more realistic level so i have a slight edge but not this much.
  2. Got it to work Watched a you tube video and working sweet. Got my preset to set players to develop fast Only thing i could not find was the "Chairman stats" in the fields? Can you not edit those? Like Business and Resources?
  3. Just wanted to bump this and ask. Can you create presets in FMRTE in 15? I wanted to create a preset that sets PA to xx(set value) Technique, Determination, Work rate, Consistency to 25 Injury proneness to 1 Adaptability, Temperament, Professionalism, pressure to 99 Ambition & loyalty to 20 In one click on a player so I don't have to go into each player and set these when I want to edit a new youth player Only asking as i keep getting an error when i try to create one is all
  4. I have run for 8 years now and gone a bit crazy lol I have found that if you have a Sugar Daddy with all the financial stuff going on in the background he cleans out about 50% of you bank balance at certain points in the season. As soon as I removed the Sugar Daddy I got a £750m stadium contract and a massive second kit deal and none of my money disappeared. It was invested by the board but not taken as such. I have also found that the 250 PA works a dream and kind of eliminates the fitness settings. I set a few players to this then tweaked work rate, determination and technique as recommended and also others to 99 to speed up growth. By age 22 they were around 200CA and 100% for every game. I would only recommend doing 1 player to 250 though as they are flipping awesome lol. I had one player in midfield and I changed nothing except your recommended ones to speed up development and he scored 45 goals in 52 games from midfield. I think 12 of these would be 20-0 every game. He is only at 200/250 at the moment as well at 22. I will try the average attendance when I move club as I have tampered to much with my current club to get it back to a manageable level. My ground had just been increased to 250,000 by the board as I set Min Att to 2,000,000 Avg Att to 2,100,000 and Max Att to 2,500,000 which has made the board go mad with expansion. If the average is set then maybe it won't be so crazy Forgot to say. Its only the stars I don't like injured. I prefer a more normal setup where you can get injuries and usual stuff just key players better
  5. I have to say ksonowal your post is the best cheat thread I have ever read. I had always wondered how to tweak the merchandising and income through population and average attendance and you gave me the missing link lol. Also great on how to get players to reach their potential fast. I am not a fan of 25 superstars and winning 10-0 every game but like a flow of potentially quality players that you can develop by the time they are 21. I still enjoy the fear of losing lol I have set the jadedness and those are 100% all the time but your last comment said if you don't freeze it it will fluctuate back to original levels yes?
  6. Oh well. There is the end of my FM15 save lol I just got to have the stadium editor 2 seasons in as well. I think FM need a 2 year release Can't you back install the 3D editor to 15?
  7. Hi I liked the option of editing prize money in leagues and it would be good to be able to do this in cups as well to make them relative to the league prize money. And European competitions Also an option to edit TV money etc for the league and cups Also maybe altering league rules etc like foreign players allowed or home grown players. Another would be accessing the parachute payments maybe
  8. What is this? I just got FMRTE 15 for FM 15 and now i see this? Does the FM16 version have lots more functions and capabilities. If so I'm ditching FM15 for FM16 lol That looks amazing as an addition and something i've been waiting for in FM for a long time
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