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  1. Hi @BraCa, I have the same antivirus like that guy, 360 antivirus...I turned off and now it save my changes. Many thanks
  2. Hello @BraCa I tried to advance but didn't worked Here is the error.log error.log
  3. So support from staff is 0...You pay for something and nobody cares....super 🤕 Nobody knows?
  4. Hello. I have a problem when I want to save something that I modified. I tried to modify the finances and then save, didn't worked, is showed the previous values...tried to heal the team, didn't worked at all...tried to modify the stadium, to check is covered and retractable roof and then to save...didn't worked. What should I do? FRMTE version 20.4.1 (build 35) FM version 20.4.1 OS Windows 10 Are you Beta testing for S.I.- No Are you running FMRTE as administrator- YES NET Framework 4.8
  5. Can't wait for the release :-D
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