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  1. 🖐️Guys, be patience! BraCa will update it whenever he gets a chance too!
  2. John1

    Staff Swap Bug

    I got this same problem too even I can't bring in new DOF as game think previous DOF is still at the club when he isn't Any chance of getting this fixed? @BraCa
  3. If you look above, BraCa, will release updated version tonight....
  4. SI released new update to 19.3.5, I am sure BraCa and others are currently working on this 👍
  5. @culturedleftfootTakeovers isn't always guaranteed to happen on first attempt sadly, I did a test run with a team, then takeover failed due to disagreement over club values, ends up waiting for few months for another takeover approach.
  6. I am sure BraCa will work on it soon.
  7. I think it's highly impossible, due to player's reputations.
  8. Hope you get it sorted sooner Let me know
  9. Yeah, I get notification saying chairman looking to leave, consortium looking to buy the club etc etc. I have tried it on this version and olders one. normally takes a month or so. I did have a tycoon take over on FM17 with PSV, with putting chairman resources to 20.
  10. I tends to put chairman resources to 20. But it tends to take months to get taken over. Just be patience
  11. When you sign in your client area, your licence should appear on the screen and copy it and paste it on FMRTE Hope this helps.
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