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  1. Over and above the call of duty, BraCa, as always. **NOW** go on that holiday break FFS!!
  2. And we still have people who cannot or will not read... The title of this thread is all about FMRTE v15.1.4.7... so why on earth are you people posting about v15.2.x when there is ALREADY A THREAD ABOUT IT HERE: Far more information within a dedicated thread than to start posting loose rubbish in one that's totally unrelated... Sheesh...
  3. @paris: look at this thread: It will allow you to actually change the name rather than set an existing stadium.
  4. Sorry, but I must be missing something obvious here... let me put this into perspective. I can drive, and have driven regularly. I can afford a car and its maintenance - just about. I would like a Ferrari. I CANNOT afford a Ferrari, therefore I cannot buy it. I will only buy what I can afford... and if I can no longer afford to maintain or run a car, then I will stop driving. Am I being simplistically dense here? Let me try again... the main game is Football Manager 2014 which (if you're legit) costs around 30-40 pounds, euros, whatever. People have ALREADY paid that for it. Now there is NOTHING that stipulates FMRTE to be a mandatory purchase, the game can be played extremely well without it. Same as me driving. I can drive perfectly well without a Ferrari, but just because it makes things "nicer" for me, doesn;t mean to say I can afford it. So I don't. How much simpler can that be?!? It's a GAME. An ENTERTAINMENT. Not a reason to live.
  5. WalB

    Why pay VAT?

    ... because it's the law??
  6. Would you consider writing a step-by-step how to giude for the users in the "Game Talk" or "Tactics and Training" forums of the site? I'm sure it woulod be of great benefit to those who aren't sure about editing XML files
  7. Bottom line... there's no need for rudeness, both from the demanders and the responders. I know it's very tempting to lose one's patience at the unreasonableness of some posters, but let's be honest... I would suggest that several of the whiners don't even play the game, and are simply jumping on the bandwagon to stir things up for the reaction. There's a name for them... trolls. And the solution is simple... don't feed them. Updates will be ready when they're ready. Payment of a measly 5 pounds (or euros, whatever) is minimal considering most of us (yes, even those at university, school or wherever) spend more than that every week on non-essentials. The puny cost of FMRTE probably just about covers the developer's costs; hardly enough to get him a Roller or a beach house in Miami. I'm a programmer, and I know I'd be charging at least double if not more for such a resilient (as in long life and stability) piece of software. So to the moaners, moan all you like; it won't make anyone work 36 hours a day just to give in to your demands. If you don't like the software, don't use it. If you don't like the sound of the software, don't pay for it. But if you do, understand that it's a labour of love by the programmer to get this out to the masses; there's nothing stopping him from saying "Screw You" to everyone and going off to play Warcraft full time. Let's chill and wait; after all, it's not like SI where we have to potentially wait months for patches for bugs that should never have appeared in the game to begin with.
  8. WalB

    FMRTE 2014

    I could be way off, but have you tried going to the "Client Area" from the main web site page (not the forums page) - go to http://www.fmrte.com/clientarea click the "Support" tab and raise a new support request (click the New Support Request button)?
  9. WalB

    FM 13.2.0 Update

    The language used in this thread is ridiculous and totally unacceptable; it's also very unnecessary. Whatever the pros and cons of a license fee, the point is that it's a supplement to a game... a **GAME**. It's not a life threatening situation, and as a developer/programmer myself, I understand the pressures of software maintenance, irrespective of whether its a freebie or otherwise. But getting this heated over it is, quite frankly, stunning. Go play another game, watch a movie, or, if you're of the age, spend some time with your loved ones or family. There's really no cause to become so obsessive because something hasn't reached the elevated expectations of the few.
  10. WalB

    FM 13.2.0 Update

    no; it's still FM2013 so all updates are covered.
  11. WalB

    FM 13.2.0 Update

    Your game has probably been updated to 13.2 (new update announced about half an hour ago). There'll be an update to FMRTE as soon as BraCa gets round to it.
  12. WalB

    FM 13.2.0 Update

    As soon as BraCa gets it I suppose... its only just been updated, so come on, give him a chance ok?
  13. Just to confirm as per our live chat, you tried to use FMRTE 5.2.5 with this and got a message telling you that this version was not supported, right? Just clarifying for when BraCa looks at this.
  14. So if you don't like it, don't use it. Go find something else, but it's pathetic to come here and whine like a little girl. Many of us prefer it, and are willing to pay someone who has taken the time to develop something that we can use; you want freebies, go get freebies, but don't start your hate trolling just because your pram gets dirty.
  15. @Mátyás Váradi: Link: It works...
  16. You know what, I really don't understand all this "-1" ask value issue... on my FMRTE (13.1.2 build 15) and my FM (13.1.2 330075) I can see the ask value of players perfectly... the only time a player as a "-1" against their ask value is when it has not been set. For instance, I set one of my players to have a transfer asking price of £5m... my FMRTE page for the player reflects it *exactly* right. If I set the ask value on FM to be "unspecified", FMRTE tells me its "-1". Which is logical, since -1 of a numeric value is equal to its highest signed number - for example, -1 of a byte value = 255; -1 of a word value = 65535 - therefore, if the value is set to -1, it means the player hasn't had a value set by the club as yet, and so the asking price is the highest possible for that data type - which in turn means that unless you bid a stupid amount for him, he won't be sold. Now as I understand it, FM uses an "on-the-fly" algorithm to set an asking value for AI team players, which doesn't kick in until there's some interest from the human player. That sets off a chain of events that calculates the player ask value dynamically, depending on several random factors. Which means, in turn, that the ask value doesn't get predetermined in any way, and also means that if you insert an ask value into FMRTE and save it, it won't take effect because whatever figure you put into it will be mashed about in its dynamic calculations as soon as you press the "Continue" button. Like I said, from what I can see, it works perfectly on my setup... no idea why it doesn't do the same for others. [edited to add] FM ask value methods have changed from one version to another, and SI have made it more complex; I recall earlier versions of FM where you could initiate a nifty transfer bug simply by editing the existing ask value, which SI picked up on quite quickly...
  17. I don't agree. I have used FMRTE since it first came out and have rarely used it to find an "ask value" for players. I mainly use it as an "advanced scouting" tool, and perhaps increase an attribute or two of younger players coming up through the ranks of my team. I think it's used far more to search for "unknown" players that usually FM fails to tell you about, or if you have a lower league team that can only scout locally.
  18. It's a feature that wasn't working properly, so has been removed. As stated in several other posts, not this year.
  19. My apologies, I thought BraCa posted the reason in his first post... sorry.
  20. From an entirely personal point of view (and experience), the easier the payment method, the higher the merchant-side costs become. Accepting payments using credit cards is incredibly expensive; it only pays if your turnover is huge. Paypal is a happy medium, but even then, Paypal do charge on a per transaction basis. Just my tuppence worth...
  21. Why are you worried about next year, or the year after that...? For this release, it's very reasonable. One step at a time, surely...
  22. Still exceptionally reasonable for an application that is so useful (and so extensively used)...
  23. BraCa wouldn't release it if there was such a potentially fundamental flaw with it...
  24. If you read through the earlier posts on this thread, you'll see why. One time to cover FMRTE 5 and all its updates (of which there have been several!). Same will, I believe, apply for the new version.
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