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  1. Quick update for you @BraCa I tried it out on a different save a minute ago and it's working fine. Tried it out on the save I was having issues with and it worked fine as well. Neither FMRTE or FM has updated so no idea whats fixed it. I can upload the save for you if it happens again though.
  2. No worries, can’t do this until I’m back with my laptop so will do it tomorrow night.
  3. Done the above and there is still the same issue. Error log: error.log
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I15MpmUm86Y&feature=youtu.be There you go!
  5. Is there an easy way to get one? Just a standard screen record app?
  6. Thanks for your work on this @BraCa Unfortunately, the latest experimental build still hasn't fixed it for me.
  7. Still having the same issue, can't seem to find an error log for this one.
  8. What bugs/issues did you encounter: What is your FM version: 19.0.2 (11511251) What is your FMRTE version: 18 Which operating system are you using: Windows 10 FMRTE loads fine, but when I try to load the game it does the process then freezes. Says game has loaded in the bottom left of the window but the loading game window doesn't disappear and freezes causing FMRTE to not respond. Attachments: error.log
  9. No error log as far as I can see unless i'm missing it, just a text document named error that doesn't have anything on it.
  10. Anyone having issues with it not responding? It opens fine, then I try to load the game which it seems to do as the bottom left corner of the screen says that it has loaded. But the loading game window never disappears and it just gets stuck not responding. I have the Microsoft Framework add on installed.
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